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"You’re so good-looking and powerful," she said with a sigh "Not "

"Good to know," he said dryly

"You could kiss ain I wouldn’t mind"

"While that’s a pretty irresistible invitation, I’ll find you sory "But you do still want ht? That hasn’t faded"

He looked into her eyes and she felt the pull of his need Her insides got all hot and quivery

"Wow," she breathed as he turned away "You’re good"

"I live to serve"

He crossed to the kitchen where she heard hilanced at theto be really happy here," she whispered "Kane is nice and gentle He’ll be a good owner"

Or he would be, once she convinced him that he wanted to keep the mother cat and her kittens He was at heart, she believed, a decent man With her need to rescue, she didn’t find decent very often

There was a knock on the door

"I’ll get that," she said as she slid to the edge of the chair and prepared to stand on one leg

"This is et it," he told her as he walked across the hardwood floor "Sit Stay"

"You kiss too good for nored her and opened the door "Yes?"

"I’ into his arms "There are more in the car"

Willoisted in her seat and waved "You came"

"Of course I came You said you’d fallen and broken your ankle"

"I called Marina because I knew she was ho," Willow said to Kane, "Julie’s at work Are you going to step aside so she can come in?"

"I haven’t decided"

"You could push past him," Willow told her sister

Marina shook her head "He looks burly"

Willow opened her h and that he was an aht better of it It was really the sort of information she needed to keep to herself

"You look alike," Kane said

Willow sighed Obviously he was going to be difficult "All three of us do It’s quite a gene pool Are you going to let her in?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"If I leave now, I’ll only coht"

He moved aside and Marina slipped past hied Willow

"What on earth happened? What are you doing here? What did you do to your poor foot?" Marina sank onto the otto and tellinto the kitchen, then disappeared outside

"So talk," Marina said

"I haven’t been able to forget about Todd," Willow began "I kept getting madder and , I just couldn’t stand it anymore"

Marina looked at her "Tell me you didn’t come over here to take him on"

"That’s exactly what she did," Kane said as he walked in with an ars "Are there more in the trunk?"

"No, just those in the backseat Thanks"

He grunted, then disappeared into the kitchen

Willoatched hihtened around his butt as he moved She’d never been one of those women who adood

"Willow," Marina said impatiently

"What? Oh, sorry So I came over here to yell at Todd He nearly broke up Julie and Ryan and I couldn’t stand thinking about that I mean who does he think he is? Plus there’s the wholeout there and he’s so self-centered and egotistical you just know he’s thinking we’re dying to ed I just want to beat hietarian and so into being one with nature, you’re surprisingly violent," Kane called from the kitchen

"I’ a gun around Where is it, by the way?"

"Soet it"

Marina’s eyes widened "He had a gun?"

"Yes, but don’t worry about it So I caht I was a serious threat because he tried to grab e of security for all of Todd and Ryan’s companies You have to be clear on that He’s a little touchy about people thinking he’s only in charge of the house or soarbled, as if he were speaking through clenched teeth

She leaned forward and lowered her voice "He really is Who knew? Okay, so he tried to grab ht up with rounds Then I tripped, and as I went down, I not only ripped offbirth So here we are"

Marina covered her mouth, then dropped her hand to her lap "I swear, I don’t know if I should laugh or shriek Only you, Willow, only you"

Kane walked out of the kitchen, holding a litter box in his hand "Is this what I think it is?"

"Only if you think it’s a cat box," Marina said, then turned back to her sister "It’s coradable Cool, huh?"

"Very Thanks for that Where do you think we should put it?"