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“Not like his da “So what does he do next? He came after Katherine—”

Marcus looked to the side Katherine stood between two uniforms

“And she went after him,” Dane finished She’d shot the bastard and saved Dane and his er than he ever realized “I guess that blows your theory of her being involved in the crimes to hell, huh?”

“Katherine isn’t what I thought”

And she was more than Dane had ever expected

“We’ve got an alert out to every hospital,” Dane said as he headed toward Katherine He hated that tense look on her face “He’s injured, so if he goes in for treat up their searches in the city, too

Dane’s phone rang He answered as he closed the distance between himself and Katherine “Black”

“I need you at the station”

Dane frowned It was Mac’s voice—and it was shaking

“I’m at the crime scene We’re not done here, man—”

“Ronnie is gone She was taken”

“Are you sure?” Ronnie?

“Fucking certain Her Jeep’s still in the lot Her back tire was slashed, no one can find her” He could hear Mac’s fury and fear Everyone else tended to think Mac was controlled, but Dane knew that when it came to Ronnie, that control eak

Ronnie and Mac put on a show for the rest of the station, but Dane had caught the out a few months back They were involved—damn deep

“She’s not answering her phone,” Mac said “She’s not at hoone”

Katherine frowned and stepped toward him, “Dane?”

“I’m on my way,” Dane said He ended the call Glanced at Katherine At Marcus “He took the ME The bastard left us here, chasing our tails—and he went after her”

Ronnie squinted against the bright light She had a terrible acidic taste in her mouth and—

She couldn’t move

Herback, and she opened her mouth to screa was over her mouth

Duct tape

Her hands were bound with rope, secured over her head Her ankles were tied, keeping her immobile

She was on a table, much like the ones in her lab The ones she used for the autopsies

A tear leaked from her eye

“You’re awake”

The voice was being filtered through a distorter, and it had her flinching, then turning Her glasses were gone Without them, she couldn’t see clearly for more than two feet in front of her Valentine was a black-covered blur

“I was starting to think you’d OD before we could have any fun”

Ronnie’s te

The dark blurtheyour body inside I wasn’t exactly gentle on the stairs”

Her right wrist was throbbing She suspected it was broken